Adirondack Machine Corporation
Hot Plate FORMAX
Laboratory Hot Plate

Catalog Number A-100

Expressly designed for drying hand sheets from all sheet molds in common use.


  • Solidly constructed of �" stainless steel plate
  • 15" by 16" curved brass surface plate
  • Spring loaded Teflon® screen, holds sample sheet to drying surface
  • Surface plate temperature regulated by an infinitely adjustable control with a total of 1400 watts available for drying
  • Furnished for either 120V/240V power supply
  • Dimensions - 22"(56cm)w x 23"(58cm)l x 5�"(14cm)h
  • Weight - Approximately 50 lbs(23kg)


  • Digital temperature control with feedback loop
  • �" Thick stainless steel surface plate
  • Surface plate coated with release polymer


A-CH-152 Temperature Control
A-DIG CTRL Digital Control
A-HKS "S" Hooks - (4) per unit
A-HINGE Hinge - 1 pair
A-HPHTR Heating Elements - (4) per unit
A-HPWIRE High Temp. Wire- 62" per unit
A-LATCH Latch Hold-down
A-P.LIGHT Pilot Light
A-PAKLCD Paktronics LCD3000 readout display
A-PAKCTRL Paktronics Control
A-PAKFCPLT Paktronics Faceplate cover
A-PAKKNOB Paktronics Lined Knob
A-PAKSENSR Paktronics Sensor
A-PAKTGLSW Paktronics Ctrl. Toggle Switch
A-SPRNG Tension Spring - (6) per unit
A-SUR PL Brass Surface Plate
A-SUR PL CHRM Chrome Plated surface plate
A-SUR PL TEF Teflon coated surface plate
A-TEFSCRN Mesh Teflon Screen
A-TEFSCRNREP Screen repair with customer strips

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