Adirondack Machine Corporation
Maelstrom Pulper FORMAX
Laboratory Pulper

Catalog Number H-100
Catalog Number H-100V (Variable Speed)

A clean, compact utilitarian design that adds professionalism to your laboratory. Efficient, portable, trouble free and inexpensive. This unit is considered an indispensable research and production control tool in the well equipped laboratory. Useful for evaluating secondary fiber and predicting production pulping results.


  • Rapid, thorough defibering of virgin and secondary fibers with a range of 30 to 350 AD grams
  • Widely accepted in the paper industry for over 15 years
  • Stainless steel construction throughout
  • Clear polycarbonate lid
  • Tank volume 2 gal. (8 liters)
  • Operating consistency range of 2% to 7%
  • Motor is � HP, 120V, 60Hz with V belt drive
  • 1 �" Stainless steel dump valve
  • Dimensions - 11"(28cm)w x 25"(64cm)l x 17"(43cm)h
  • Lightweight - 50 lbs (23kg)


  • Variable speed motor control
  • External heater with digital temperature control


H-BALL VALVE 1-1/2" Bronze Pulper Ball Valve
H-BRGHS Complete Bearing Housing
H-BRZBSH Shaft Bushing
H-ELEC. 50 Hz Motor 220V/50 Hz/1 Ph
H-GASKT Tank Gasket
H-PUL-MTR Motor Pulley
H-PUL-TANK Tank Pulley
H-RTR Standard Rotor Plate
H-RTRV Variable Speed Rotor Plate
H-SEAL Shaft Seal - Reg. Steel
H-SEALSTS Shaft Seal - Stainless Steel
H-SHFT Shaft
H-VBLT Drive Belt
H-WATJKT Water Jacket

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