Adirondack Machine Corporation

FORMAX Laboratory Sheet Dryer

Catalog Number S-100

New laboratory sheet dryer designed for drying hand sheets from all sheet molds. The sheet dryer utilizes new heating element technology to provide a uniform surface temperature for rapid and consistent drying. Dryer also has over-temperature protection.


  • Stainless steel base, thermally isolated from the surface plate
  • 15� by 16� curved hard anodized aluminum surface plate
  • Spring tensioned hold-down secures sample sheet to drying surface
  • Surface plate temperature regulated with a digital temperature control
  • Temperature Range 0-250�F
  • Over temperature sensor to prevent overheating.
  • Surface temperature achieved in 8 minutes
  • Power 120V or 220V power supply, 10 amp
  • Dimensions - 22�(56cm)w x 20�(51cm)l x 8�(20cm)h
  • Weight - Approximately 40 lbs(18 kg)


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